Our Services

Our firm’s optimal size and nimbleness allows us to provide specialized solutions, through a multi-boutique structure and distinct investment philosophies, while benefiting from the stability & scale of a global asset management solutions provider.

Multi-boutique structure and distinct investment philosophies
Our firm's autonomous multi-boutique structure allows each investment team to have their expertise and
views fully reflected in their portfolios, identifying and encouraging each team’s performance edge.
Proven investment strategies and consultative approach
Our consultative approach allows us to develop specialized and innovative solutions for clients,
delivering an exceptional level of personalized service.
Stability and scale of a global asset management solutions provider
Our firm benefits from the financial stability of a global diversified management and holding company,
while maintaining an entrepreneurial culture and independent thinking.

Our Services

Asset Management
Achieving an appropriate asset combination is a personal and dynamic process. It is the key element determining your portfolio’s overall return and risk.
Wealth Management
Our firm pledges highly qualified financial experts committed to our private clients and banks advise.
Risk Management
In the financial world, risk management is the process of identification, analysis and acceptance or mitigation of uncertainty in investment decisions.
Investment Expertise
We integrate best practices from pension investing to the management of our multi-asset and liquid alternative strategies, to ensure a long-term focus on strong optimal returns and risk mitigation.
Investment Strategies
Our quantitative equity strategies focus on emerging markets and international offerings, bringing a core style of investing that employs fundamental ideas in a disciplined, risk-aware manner, while seeking to generate alpha.
Investment Consultancy
Our actively managed equity strategies are well diversified across asset classes, geographies and sectors, and target a range of specific investment objectives intended to deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns
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